International Journal for Asian Contemporary Research, 2021, 1(III):123-129

Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Maintaining Soil Fertility and Productivity Under Intensive Cropping Systems

Md. Tanbir Hasan*, Zulfukar Haider Prodhan , Md. Shahidul Alam, Md. Aminul Islam and Md. Zulfiker Ali

Received: 3 August, 2021; Accepted: 10 September, 2021; Published: 15 September, 2021


The study was conducted at the Multi Location Testing (MLT) site of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gabtoli, Bogura, Bangladesh during 2016-17 and 2017-18 to develop an improved soil fertility management package for Mustard-Boro-T.aus-T.aman cropping pattern. This study consisted of two fertilizer management packages i.e., Soil test-based IPNS fertilizer dose and Farmers’ Practice. Standard crop production technology packages used in the study plot and farmers’ traditional practices were followed by farmers’ practices. Yield contributing characters and yield were found better in soil test-based IPNS fertilizer plot (Trial plot) against farmers practiced plots. Rice Equivalent Yield of the trial plot was (17.00 tha-1 against 11.45 tha-1 in farmers practice and   16.49 tha-1 against 10.18 tha-1 in farmers practice, respectively) higher in both years. This study shows the beneficial effect of soil test-based fertilizer dose on the succeeding crop and improves soil fertility levels.

Keywords:    INM, IPNS, soil fertility, cropping systems, productivity.

*Corresponding author: On-Farm Research Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bogura, Bangladesh. Email: [email protected]

To cite this article:  Hasan, M.T., Prodhan, M.Z.H., Alam, M.S., Islam M.A., & Ali, M.Z. (2021). Integrated Nutrient Management to Maintain Soil Fertility and Productivity Under Intensive Cropping Systems. International Journal for Asian Contemporary Research, 1 (III), 123-129. 


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